Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm a slacker of the worst kind

I really should blog more. Even though sometimes my thoughts get all jumbled and don't come out right. You still love me! Right? Right???

I'm sitting in my office, listening to the neighbor's dogs bark and being annoyed at the stray hair that keeps tickling my ear. I finished reading #10 in the Sookie Stackhouse series tonight. Need a new book/series to read now and I'll be going to the library tomorrow. I have been reading alot lately. ALOT. It's a nice escape from the reality called life. Any suggestions? I've fallen into a paranormal pit lately, but I'm not afraid to crawl out of it.

Work is work. It's hanging in there and calming down some. Scratch that, I'm actually bored and trying to convince myself that's ok sometimes. I've been filing and filing because I hate that more than anything. It's been kinda sad. I have one of those giant USPS buckets under my desk where are my samples go. It doubles as a foot rest. After getting a second bucket because the first was overflowing, I realized it was past time to clean it up. I'm almost done but dragging my feet on it. What if I don't have anything to do tomorrow and I only have 50 samples left to file? I'm already a day ahead of my work and this is looking to be a long week.

On the health front, I've been working hard to kick my PCOS in the ass in 2010. So far I have lost 45 pounds and I'm half way to my goal. It's starting to inflate my ego because I run into people I haven't seen in a while and they tell my I'm hot. Here is a picture in Feb at my heaviest and one on Labor day.

I think that's enough rambling for one night and the dogs aren't barking anymore. Maybe I will fall alseep. Nighty Night YA'LL!

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