Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Odds and Ends

-My acupunture dr said that my tat is in a great spot for fertility. Later I woke myself up snoring. God I hope she didn't hear me through the paper thin walls.

-I have another crazy IF friend that is writing a humorous book about the journey called "The Fertility Fuck Nut." The book opens with a quote from her husband, "If I had know it was going to take this long to knock you up, I wouldn't have tried for years not to." She truely is a Fuck Nut.

-Lately, I've caught up with some friends that have been struggeling with IF. Then I have had the nosey bitches that think I am pg and go on and on about how we are going to be best pregnant friends together. Gag me with a spoon. I couldn't be any less pregnant right now and random people asking me if I am really set me off yesterday.

-I shared Mrs. Spit's blog on Fear. It is one of the best things I have read lately. Then started more of the, "Oh you must be pregnant!" Where in the message did it say anything about being pregnant you nemrod!

-One of my flake friends that I haven't spoken to since January when she finally had the nerve to call me and tell me she was PG and due June 1, left me a message on myspace. Hmmm... Now you miss us. It's been almost a year since I have seen your face. You have bailed on so many invites, I don't invite you anymore. If you say lets do something Friday night, I make other plans. Not to be a bitch, but because I know at 4:30 something always comes up. You want to know how I'm doing. Now. I had to find out via myspace that you had a baby girl. I had to find out via myspace what her name was. I have to find out everything about you via myspace. What kind of friend is that??? Really people. So far I haven't responded. I don't want to come across as super bitch. What/how would you respond?

God when is my new zoloft script going to come in???? WHY GOD?? WHY?

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Travelwahine said...

How long have you been doing the accupuncture? I'm thinking about trying it as well, well when we begin TTC again.