Monday, October 13, 2008


Ha, had you fooled there! That's how I felt today after my sono with my RE. Yes, the cyst is small enough to start treatment. BUT, BUT my left ovary is still MIA. He thinks that somewhere down the line, I will be in for a lapor.. something or other... to fix the damn thing.

I think he's pretty sure I will fail the HSG on Friday. I don't know it wasn't all that positive an appointment. He's rechecking my TSH again. It was in the normal range, but on the high end.

Here's the way I see things playing out in my head.
-Friday - HSG. Fail with drowning colors.
-Next Thursday - Sono. Don't see any follicles growing on the right side. Left side can't be seen. Cycle cancelled. Lap scheduled.

Sounds like fun? So much for having an anniversary baby. So much for being pregant by the end of the year.


Cara said...

Wow - there is alot of this going around lately. So sorry for all the bummer news.

Thank goodness Mel declared this "random kindness week" - so here is a big (hug) and your crayon color...pale pink.

Jamie said...

I am still not giving up hope for you. (((HUGS)))