Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hunky Dorey

First of all, the most amazing sunset tonight. Texas truly has the best sunsets. I love sunsets, they remind me of God's presence in my life. Like He is painting with water colors.

Last night I had dinner with my mom, sister and niece. Niece was looking at pictures of her boo boo from last time and started to pose. "Toe, Toe (that's how she says my name).... cheeesssseeee." Cheese is right!

T has been working hard in the garden and it's coming along. Hoping to have a good crop to take to the farmers market.

That's about all that's going on for now. Check back later!

Oh, I almost forgot. I watched Fireproof last weekend. Amazing movie. Then I got "The Love Dare" this week. I'm on day 3, so far so good. My mom asked me, "Isn't that movie all about marriage?" Well yes and no. It also is about forgiveness, selflessness, servitude and much more. I highly recommend it! Go to

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