Friday, March 13, 2009

It went well

I'm going to make this short and sweet since I'm still on pain meds.

I'm am not a Friday the 13th believer, but this week had me questioning it. When I went Tuesday for my pre-op, they forgot to give me the lab orders. Wendnesday I went back, go the orders and headed to the lab. They had to stick me 3 times to get the blood samples. Then today that had to stick me twice for the IV, because he went through the vein the first time. Then we were running almost an hour behind, so I was crazy starving.

When I came out, I was in major pain. Morphine wasn't touching it, I got two rounds of demerol. WOOT! That stuff is amazing. They let T come back and he told me that it went well. Dr. L was happy with the results on the right side. He wasn't able to do as much as he wanted on the left side (bad side) because my bowels were around it??? He said that we will be able to start TTC quickly and we would do three more rounds of Super Ovulation with IUI before going to IVF.

I'm very tired and very sore. Very similar to how I felt after my c-section. I know the incinsions are small, but I still want to hold myself when I cough.

Ok, that wasn't as short as I planned. I hope it makes sense. I'm going back to the recliner.


Jamie said...

I hope you are feeling better soon and that this is it for you!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon and that you get your bfp that you so deserve soon!