Monday, May 18, 2009

Big Follies!

I saw Dr. L today for CD13. I have been on clomid, menopur and dexasomething. Results? A 19, two 17's and a 14 follies. WHOO! I take my HCG shot tonight and have IUI scheduled for Wednesday.

DH and I are on vacation this week and I have been so relaxed.

Saturday- Slept until 11:00. Went and looked at houses with my mom. Then made my preggo sister go to dinner with us so she could be the DD. UMMMM Margaritas!

Sunday - Slept until 10:00. Worked in the garden most of the day. The most amazing weather. Which was good, because the weeds have taken over our garden. We are about half way through pulling. Today - Slept until 8:00. Got eyebrows threaded, saw Dr. L. Went shoe shopping at the $6.99 shoe store and got 2 pairs of really cute shoes. One pair of pink peeptoe wedges and a pair of pink stripper shoes. Those are just for me and my "dancing" workout. Ate lunch with DH and going to look at more houses this afternoon. Woot!



Jamie said...

I have all of my fingers and toes crossed that this time will be it!! You and Tim deserve it so much! Please keep updating and let us know how things are going. Yipee for vacations!!

Donna said...

Yeah for vacation!

I hope this time works out for you!

Holly said...


I am sooo praying that this is it for you and your hubby! It has truly been a long road for you and I hope it ends with a wonderful surprise!:)
Vactions are awesome aren't they?!