Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday!

No I did not type up my not me monday post at my work computer, then run to the training room to post it. No I have not been hitting the check mail button every 5 secs to see if my email to myself has come through yet. No I will not be coming back to finish this post when that blasted email arrives.

Here's the rest of my post:

I did not shut my pinky in my car door Saturday night. Nope, my pinky does not look like a polish sausage. And I had done that, I would have found the perfect size splint and it wouldn't get in my way at all. Typing and writing are easy as pie!

My car registration is current and I am not procrastinating to get it renewed. No, I'm not driving like a granny to not draw attention from potential ticket givers.

I gave my aunt perfect directions for the WAT route. She didn't make a wrong turn and detour us through a parking lot. I didn't let my grandmother railroad me into starting early and someone did not have to run to catch up with us. Jamie did not drop her Blackberry in the toilet and did not have to go fishing for it. All of the supplies from the WAT have been unloaded and are put away. Since my pinky is in perfect shape, I would never have used that as an excuse.

And I didn't drip taco juice all over my splint at lunch. I am not about to waste money to get a new splint that doesn't make me crave chips and salsa.

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Jamie said...

LMAO!! It was so good to FINALLY get to meet you IRL! We should meet up for lunch sometime or something. My new crackberry should be arriving via Fedex today- I can't wait!!