Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today was a little better

My crazy abusive customer only emailed me twice and it wasn't directed at me. What a difference it makes when she leaves me alone. I did have a little drama with one of my plants not getting my orders done in time. They were being pig headed, so I pulled half of the orders and gave them to another plant. I used my superior problem solving skills and worked it out instead of escalating to upper management.

I meet with Dr. L tomorrow am. I really hope it goes better and we have some improvement. Unfortunately, my job isn't going to get any less stressful and I kinda need a pay check. Any other ideas for stress release that don't involve spending lots of money on massages? It's entirely too hot to walk when I get home from work (It's 9:00pm and heat index is 93). So share your ideas? What do you do to relieve stress?

My happy note for the rest of the week: California Casual! Shorts and flip flops to work. Thank Heaven because it is miserable hot here.


Donna said...

Gotta love casusal days!!!

Sress releif??? If you find some let me know! (my best stress relief is a laying on the couch and watching a movie or reading a book!)

Sorry about the crazy customer...don't you wish you could just hit delete before opening those e-mails?

Holly said...

stress relief? How about getting acupunture done? I loved it and I actually used it to get pregnant but it really helped me relax, don't know if you like needles or not but I liked it!:)
Pedicures help too:)