Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can't Sleep

It's hot in my house or at least I'm hot. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact I have been standing over the stove frying bacon and sausage for the Father's Day Brunch tomorrow at the Elk's Lodge. As Ladies VP, I'm in charge for the moment. Our President's dad had open heart surgery this week, so I have been writing newsletter articles, coordinating volunteers and such.

I hate father's day almost as much as mother's day. I am fatherless, sonless and will be husbandless tomorrow. T has to work tomorrow - poor guy. I really wanted to get him a compost tumbler, but couldn't find the deal I wanted. So I settled for some new work shirts.

My sister had her baby shower today. I didn't go. Can't do it. My mom left me a voicemail this morning. I erased it after, "I know today is difficult for you..." Yeah, you can stop right there. Just leave me alone and don't try to understand how difficult it is for me. You are in the glow of a new grandbaby right around the corner.

Yesterday I had another IUI for my one follicle. This is the last month before moving on to IVF. Right now, T and I are both so burnt out ttc, that we might take a break. Being on a schedule for over a year has taken a toll. It has sucked the romance out of our marriage and made it a chore. We need a break from the expectations, the dr appointments and the crazy drugs. We need a chance to find each other again. This new schedule isn't helping either. We are always running in opposite directions.

Keep praying I am pregnant this month. And Pray for Stellan.


Jamie said...

I cannot imagine what a toll infertility has taken on you two but I hope the end of infertility is near and that you are preggo this month!

Donna said...

Sometimes a break from TTC is just what you need. It's all so emotionally draining. Hope your 2ww flies by.

Travelwahine said...

I'm praying, and also praying for peace for you and your hubby.

Thinking of you!