Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Did I mention that T started a new horrible shift at work??? I hate it with a passion. 7-4 (which is the only nice part that we can eat dinneSr at a decent hour), but he is off Tues and Wed. I never get a day with him. Last weekend was the first weekend of this. I was bored out of my mind. This weekend was a different tiger.

First thing Sat Morning, I met with Dr. H. Nope, still not preggo. Pretty well knew that was going to be the result after my post-ovulation follicle check. I still had 2 follicles on the right side that looked like they had tried to pop but didn't. Dontcha just love how my body hates to function. I was scared that will those giant follicles there that I would have giant cysts. Nope, the old ovaries were back to normal yesterday. Whew!

So the plan this month is same meds as last month. Instead of doing the HCG subq (in my tummy) we will be doing it muscularly (in my arse). Let's keep our fingers crossed that we have great eggs when I go back on 6/16. Hopefully they look great and we can do IUI on 6/17 while T is off work. This is the last month of IUI. If this doesn't work, we will start IVF next.

I've also been stressing about how in the world are we going to arrange T's dropoff with his new schedule. The good thing is that his office is 3 min from the dr office. But he has to be at work at 7 and their earliest dropoff is 8. Any suggestions on the logistics to ease my mind?

From there I went shopping hunting out a hot pink shirt to go with my super duper cute new hot pink wedges that I got for $6.99. I need to take a picture of these little cuties. Finally found a shirt. Got my eyebrows threaded then headed home. Baked 2 batches of brownies....did I mention all this prep work was for a bachlor/bachlorette party??? Took a nap, went and got my hair and makeup done. Then headed to meet everyone at the hotel.

We went to Gloria's in Addison. I have never been there before. Besides being quite the hot spot (they open for Salsa Dancing at 11pm) their food was amazing. I got Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladeas. I swear they were better than sex. Best I've ever had. By the time we got seated it was close to 9:30 so we ate way too much chips, salsa and black bean dip. When the food arrived I could only eat one of the sexy beasts. Not to fear, I packed up what was left to eat for lunch today. It was still amazing.

I realized last night that I am getting old. There was a big divide in the ages at this party. There were the hovering around 30 group and the hovering around legal drinking age group. Why did it feel like being a chaparone instead of a participant? By the time I got to sleep it was 4:30. T was also at this party....still had to be at work at 7. Did he get any sleep? Nope. Not a wink. He got home from work around 5. I had dinner ready so he could eat and crash. He's been asleep since 5:15. Poor poor T.


Jess said...

My hubby has the same days off as yours. While I was teaching, I hated it because our days off weren't together (I feel your pain on that!) but now that I am working for my dad, I love it because it is easier for me take off during the week than on the weekends (my dad owns a restaurant).

I'm sorry you didn't get pregnant this month! I was thinking about you and praying that this was your cycle. Mine was a bust too! I hope it all works out for you and I will be praying the IUI works!

I love pink! Everything I own is pink it seems! :) Post a pic of the wedges (gret score by the way-6.99 is awesome!)

Your better than sex dinner sounds yummy!

Donna said...

My DH is looking for a job now. I'm worried that whatever he is able to find will have him working crazy hours too. I've gotten spoiled having him around so much since he got laid off.

Sorry about the bad cycle this month. I hope your IUI works out next time around.

The enchiladas sound amazing!! As for getting old - as long as you enjoyed yourself - you're definatley not to old!