Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jennifer made me do it!

I haven't posted in forEVER, because well let's face it. My life is pretty boring these days. Nothing new to write about. I feel like I'm the hamster in the wheel. Wake up. Go to work. Gripe about work. Come home. Gripe about work. Play Mafia Wars. Go to bed. REPEAT! It's enough to drive a woman to drink. Done that too!

So Jennifer has putting some blogging material in my head.
-Like my dream house and property. We've been browsing at land and in my boredom I've been looking at home designs.
-Cooking, because we have been doing alot of that lately. Kinda inspired by Julie & Julia. Loved that movie!
-Books I've been reading and movies. Thank you Netflix and!
-Ideas on how to muzzle the neighbors dogs.

Just some ideas to throw out there. So you will be hearing from me again. Soon. Very soon.

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