Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I am Reading: Outlander

Currently on Book #4 of the Outlander Series: Drums of Autumn.  If you haven't read this series by Diana Gabaldon, you are missing out.  However, I must warn you that these books are not for the faint of heart.  Each book is approximately 1,000 pages of pure Scottish emotion.

This is my second time to read this series and the next installment #8 is due out in March 25, 2014.  The count down is on!  While I love to read about Jamie and Claire, this has slowed down my addiction to reading.  I've only bought one book in the past month (come on - it was a Rock Chick's book) and I won't let myself read it until I'm done with the series.  Since starting the series on July 29, I have gotten through 3193 pages. That's only 260 pages into the 4th book!  So I am saving money because I already had all these books that I had bought previously and I'm not spending $25-50 a week on reading material.  Ok, sometimes it is not all that bad.  I do try to only buy books that are on sales and when I am in buying mode, I make sure to check out to find the latest deals.  I told you it is an addiction.  Anyone that really loves me and knows me, buys me Amazon gift cards.

Back to the book and a spoiler alert.  I am feeling like I am in a slow point, even though I know I'm not.  It's because I know that soon Brianna will be coming through the stones and I can't wait for that.  In the mean time, Jamie and Claire have a fair amount of time to spend at River Run.

End of spoiler alert.  This series is not your typical romance series.  The actual genre for this series is well... a little hard to pin point.  It's historical.  It's romance.  It's sci-fy? Futuristic? TIME Traveling-that's it.  In the very beginning we meet Jamie and Claire the two main characters.  This is the story of their life together.  Most romance books end with the couple together, this one begins that way and their lives are full of turmoil and adventure.  If you can handle long books, I highly recommend this series.  They are worth the investment of time and money.

PS... I can't wait for the TV series to come out on Starz and then eventually on Netflix (we don't have cable) so I can watch it.  I hope it's better than watching Twilight!

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