Thursday, August 22, 2013

It's just ink on paper

Since I have decided that I need to vent a little more on my blog, I have been over hauling it and looking back on old posts to see where my life was back then.  Funny that some problem from 4 years ago that seemed like it was the end of the world...I couldn't even tell you which customer I referred to as Satan's Retarded Stepsister let alone what project they hated.  Hmm....  It is all just ink on paper and not the end of the world.  Don't take work so seriously and enjoy life!  You would think that I have has this lesson pounded into my head enough, but apparently I need a reminder.  And often!

It is interesting looking back.  I don't know if I will ever really make my blog public knowledge.  Then again some day I might want to be like Boo-ya Bitches to the people I know in real life.  If you actually know me in real life and I shared my blog with you, feel honored.  You are in the circle of trust.  My circle of trust is very small.  Bless my mom's heart, but she is nosey.  Nosey!  I don't want her in all my business making more ill-placed comments that I have to brush off.  I also don't want to end up on her Sunday School's prayer list aka gossip circle.  I could probably use the extra prayers, but don't want to be whispered about.  The emotional ups and downs, the strain on our marriage, the amount of money we are spending and what we are spending it on, the pure heartfelt honesty that I pour out here is not for the entire town to know.  One of the disadvantages of living in a small town of only 5,000.  So aside from you, there are 7 people in my life that know what we are going through right now.  That's probably why I need to start blogging again!

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Sarah Hughes said...

My mom refuses to look at my blog!