Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ready to Start Again

Hmm... where have I been so far in 2014?!?!

January - Started off the year with the flu.  Oh yes, Merry Christmas to me!  After I recovered from that, the plan was in place.  With determination, I started working on loosing the 25lbs I had gained during the last six months of 2013 while doing fertility treatments.  My goal was to have this off by March 1.  Laser like focus!

February - Kept on loosing weight and had a business trip to LA the last weekend of the month that I knew was going to set me back several pounds.

March - Happy Birth-Month to ME!!!  My splurging with my trip to LA continued and then extended all through March.  Surprisingly, I ended March only 3 lbs shy of my goal. Plus, I completed part of my New Year's resolution to just say "NO".  NO, I will not be president any more of the Lady Elks.  Look at me - Not in charge!

April - My coworker got married and was out for 2 weeks.  The stress and sheer amount of work I had to cover dropped those last 3 lbs.

May - Preeclampsia Awareness Month and full out month of craziness.  But oh so worth it!  The Oklahoma City walk was amazing and pulled out with a strong finish.  Then up was the Dallas Promise Walk.  I really can't put into words how amazing the walk was the year.  We surpassed any and all expectations that I have ever had.  Our goal was $15,000 and right now we are almost at $24,000.  We will meet it before all is said and done.  So close!!! Pics below are from the OKC walk.  My butterfly didn't want to fly away and I got to hang out with old friends.

The end of May is near so of course I have to start a new adventure!  Today, I made an FET consult appointment with my RE for Monday.  Somehow, I have managed to keep the weight off.  Even when I was sure that it had to be creeping back on, it hasn't.

Excited. Scared.  Afraid to hope.  We shall see what this next step brings!

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