Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Finding Balance

I have had the pleasure of meeting some pretty incredible women through the Preeclampsia Foundation. This powerful woman I met through work.  She actually used to be a customer, an assistant manager at a big corporate powerhouse.  About a year ago, she left her position for a new company.  Man do I miss her!

In that time since leaving, she has started her own blog to chronicle her journey to betterment - Zen Wednesday.  Finding the balance between life and work and everything in between.  I treasure getting her newest installments delivered to my inbox every Wednesday.  They have prompted many discussions with people in several different circles of my life.  I talk about her blog all the time!

In a world bogged down with negativity and stress, her Friday posts "Favorite Fridays" have brought a smile to my face and make me pause to reflect.  Like in the book, "Slammed" by Colleen Hoover, it reminds me of the sweet and suck of the day.  I have even started the sweet and suck with one of my friends.  When the day seems to have run off the rails, I will say, "What is your sweet for the day?  Find something positive!"

So what is your sweet today?  What is your suck?  Go check out a new blog and reflect.

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