Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I am...

... in shock.
... scared to say the words out loud.
... pregnant!

On July 21, we did a frozen embryo transfer with these two 5 day blasts.

About a week after the transfer, I just had this feeling that it worked.  I couldn't bring myself to say the words "I am pregnant" out loud.  While lying in bed one night, I told DH "I think it worked."  The pure and utter exhaustion.  Needing to take several hour naps every day.  Even after getting 10+ hours of sleep.  

Last Thursday, I went for my first beta.  After 26 hours of agony waiting for a call and a very bitchy me, the clinic finally called with positive result.

I cried.
I laughed.
I paced.
I prayed.

The next morning, I went back for my second beta on a Saturday.  After the long wait for the first results, I was ready for another lengthy wait.  Monday evening, after a very long work day while getting lectured by my boss, I had another call coming through.  The clinic. After hours.  CRAP!  I couldn't get to it fast enough and they didn't leave a message.  My evening was ruined.

I worried.
I chewed my nails.
I paced.
I prayed.

Why would they call after hours and leave no message?  The last time I got a call from the clinic after hours was when the Dr called me to discussed the failed IVF cycle.  The next morning, I called the clinic at 8:05am.  Guess what?!?!  My numbers went up!  No bad news and I worried about nothing.

I have my first sonogram scheduled for this coming Monday.  If the internet calculators are correct, that would make me 5 weeks officially today!

Managing not to freak out too much and keep a positive outlook.

We have not told our family yet and not sure when we will.  We haven't discussed that far ahead yet. Just taking it day by day right now and keeping it quiet.

I am grateful.
I am still scared to say the words.
I am pregnant!
I trust you to keep a secret!

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Rubbie G said...

Congratulations!!! So freakin excited for you and your husband!