Saturday, September 6, 2014

9 weeks and 3 days

Sorry I haven't update in the past couple of weeks!  I have been fighting around the clock nausea that has kept me from sleeping and generally feeling like crap. So I didn't want to be total whiner!

We had our first ob appt a week ago and she is very positive. We have a plan in place and I feel very confident. As soon as my BP starts to rise, I will be ok meds which I am ok with.  She also wrote me some Zofran which has helped so much.  I made it a week without vomiting but the streak ended yesterday.   I also did a baseline 24 hr urine this week to get a starting point.  At the end of the appt she handed me her cell phone number and that added another layer of assurance.

Next week I will be traveling to Minneapolis for the annual Saving Grace event. It is our girls weekend where all our preeclampsia sisters get to see each other again. It is where the start of some great friendships have begun and I look forward to seeing everyone.  We are a little like a soriety in that aspect.

Still haven't told my mom...we will see how long this goes.


Rubbie G said...

Yea 9w3d well now you're 9w5d!!! Safe travels

Rubbie G said...

Hi Nicole