Tuesday, August 19, 2014

7 weeks

7 weeks today! 

I think today shaved 5 years off my life. I woke up the morning and got started with  my normal routine.  Then I went to the bathroom and realized I was bleeding. Not spotting, bleeding.  I called the re office and they put me to the nurses voicemail.  Then I called dh and barely held it together.  He told me just to get in the  car and head to the dr office and he would meet me there since its an hour from our house.  On the way there all that is going through my head is this is another  miscarriag.  How many eggs do I have left frozen? When can we try again?  I was convinced.

I called again when I was about  minutes away and they said they would work me in  for a sono.  I am prepared for the worst and dh is telling me how we will get through it whatever happens.  Dr. H comes in and starts the sono immediately pointing out a heartbeat. Wait.. a what?  Yep, a heart beat at 142. He said everything looked good and he didn't see any clots.  So I took off the rest of the day and laid in the  recliner.  We still have an appt on  Monday.

This past week I made my first ob appointment.  I had to get a little pushy with the girl at the front desk because their policy is for the first ob appointment to be with a midwife.  I was adamant and got my way.  So next week we have a sono on Monday and an ob appointment on Friday.

Still exhausted and morning sickness this time is totally different.   Last time it was morning, noon and night sickness where I was vomiting around the clock until 6 months.  This time, I have not thrown up but have had to force myself to eat. Everything seems disgusting.  It is like a smell gets stuck in my nose and I can't get rid of it.  Preggy pops and ginger snaps have been  my best friend.

My poor husband is trying, bless his heart.  Yesterday he made me scrambled eggs.  I ran out of the kitchen from the smell and ended up feeding them too the dog.

Still haven't told my mom...


Rubbie G said...

So happy to hear the good news! This little baby had to start a panic early huh? Praying the bleeding is gone and stays gone!

I definitely understand not wanting to see midwife. That's so weird. I would only see MFMs and the nurse that comes in with them.

Good luck on Monday and keep your feet up relaxing as much as possible.

Rubbie G said...

Checking in on you and see how things are.