Monday, December 1, 2008

Small update and my soapbox

Tested yesterday - negative. Still sore. Dizzy again today. I'm not testing again until Wednesday. When I was told to test in the first place.

Petty people are getting on my last nerve. I guess I have been so absorbed in my volunteer work and helping people that have nothing this year. A poor poor guy at my work has a very sick wife. You name an auto-immune out there and she has it. In early September, the family all got the sinus crud. Everyone got well, but mom. Took her to the dr, she's got TB. Put her in the hospital, blood work is all crazy. Come to find out she's got Thyroid Cancer. She had 75% of her thyroid removed in April. They won't do surgery because they don't think she can take it. She just finished round 2 of chemo. Lost 37 pounds, all her hair, etc. He finally comes back to work after being gone for 10 weeks because he found out he isn't getting paid until Jan. They are a single income family with a 13 and 4 yr old. Mom can't take care of the little one any more and they have to put her in day care.

I found out today that there power got turned off this weekend. They went all weekend with no power. It isn't as cold here as up north, but it wasn't a warm weekend either.

What got on my nerves today??? My other co-worker whom I love to death. Her daughter is getting married in a month so I have been cutting her alot of slack. She spent all weekend mudding, painting and staining her dining room so that when people come over for the wedding it looks nice. A) Why in the hell was she mudding the room? She didn't like the texture. B) She is so broke it isn't funny. Seriously broke. Her power isn't getting turned off, but she just got a 2nd loan to finish paying for this wedding because the 1st one went to bills. Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.

Here's were the really cold hearted bitch comes out. My counter part's mom died this weekend. She was 95. Old people, really old. Let her go in peace. Pray that she doesn't suffer. Oh, no. My counter part asks people to pray for a miracle to cure her. I've met this woman and I swear I could see through her. That was 3 years ago.

When an old person is sick and has been sick for a long time, I don't want them to suffer any more. They have lived a good long life and in this instance she was going to a better place.

When someone dies that is young and has so much life let to live, that is tragic. The old person, isn't tragic. Rejoice! They are going home. My perspective, I have been around too much death at all ages lately.

Soapbox is put away for now.


Travelwahine said...

People are funny aren't they. It's amazing you work with them and all and then you see their true colors.

Yes, wait. I freaking tested early for nothing, lots of tears and frustration. I'm with you. Just wait until you were told to test. Good luck, keeping my fingers crossed and saying a prayer.


Jamie said...

I see it all too often at work- we struggle to keep these poor old people alive at all costs whether it is what they wanted or not. It angers me as well and I spend a lot of time arguing with doctors about why they are doing what they are doing. What happened to living a long fruitful life and then dying? When did that become such a tragedy? I am still hlding out for a BFP for you!!!