Monday, June 22, 2009

Need to Brag

Today we went live on Satan's retarded stepsister's project. (Yes, that is the nickname she has acquired). And we actually started getting orders today. How many orders were there for her design? Zero. Zilch. Nada. None. How many orders were there for our design? 5. And she threw an ever loving fit when we proposed it to her. Then 30 min later wanted all of it. Go Figure. I think she has multiple personalities. Too bad I won't get to see her face when we tell her our success and her failure. LIKE WE TOLD HER IN THE FIRST PLACE. But she know printing far better than we do. Loser!

And then my sweetheart customer helped me pull one over on D. I can't used their first initials because all of my customer's start with an S. Sooooo... there is Satan's retarded stepsister (SRS) and my sweetheart (pea- because we are two peas in a pod). Pea got D so good today. Glad I wasn't within striking distance. We told him this problem exploded and upper management was not happy. Of course Pea and I had solved the problem with no worries. It was only a $27,000 error that we avoided. I should keep track of how many errors I talk the customer into keeping. Hmm.....

Friday - my next project goes live. I have training calls every day this week. Including a webinar at 8:00 am tomorrow. Better get to bed so I can wake up early and get to work before it starts. The fun and games are about to really begin when this account goes live. Lots and lots to work on.

One last thing. What is this thing growing in my garden? It is furry like a kiwi. But not. And no, it isn't a ki-cumber.

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