Thursday, July 2, 2009

Taking a Break

Got a BFN today which really didn't surprise me. It's been one of those cycles. So it's official now. We are taking a break from TTC. Kinda feel like a weight is lifted off my chest. I don't know how long it will be, but we need to feel at peace again. I also would like to work on loosing some of the 30 pounds the fertility meds have added.

The family baby mama drama went to an all time high today. My sis had her son last night. No phone call, no text, no email. I find out from Facebook. Then my mom called DH. She doesn't know how to handle me. So when I am ready she's there. I'm so tired of her BS. I've spent all day pissing about it. Now tonight I am going to the Elk's Lodge where I will partake in adult beverages and enjoy myself. Tomorrow I would like to run away for the weekend and forget about my family.

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