Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All in

So my consult with the RE went really well.  We already know that I have PCOS and suspected issues with my left ovary.  We both go through all of the blood work and tests and get green lights all around to move forward with IVF.  My AMH level is 7.2 which is pretty darn high and the RE starts me on a Antagonist protocol being very careful not to overstimulate.  I start stimming on 7/27 on Follistem 125 which is a baby dose.

7/27 - Follistem 125
7/28 - Follistem 125
7/29 - Follistem 150 and feather it
Dr appt, E2=75: Where o where is my left ovary hiding?

7/30 - Follistem 125
7/31 - Follistem 150
8/1 - Follistem 175
Dr Appt, E2=140: Left ovary is still MIA and I am looking like a junking from all the blood draws.

8/2 - Follistem 175
8/3 - Follistem 225, Start Cetrotide, target retrieval date of 8/10
Dr Appt: 2 nice follies on the right, 3 possible on the left.  Left is getting heavier and coming into view.  RE is hoping to pump it up and get it into range to retrieve.

8/4 - Follistem 225, Cetrotide
8/5 - Follistem 225, Cetrotide, Menopur
Dr Appt: Not enough progress on the follies on the right but left is in view now.  RE is hesitant and says we should cancel this cycle.  WTH?  How did we go from a retrieval date to two days later cancelling? He says that he was cautious with me and instead of over stimulating has under stimulated.  Something changes his mind and he says lets give it until Wednesday and then decide.

It takes every last ounce of control I have to make it out of that office and to my car without losing my shit. And then I lost it.  Lost. My. Shit.  Like hysterical in my husband's parking lot sobbing about what the RE said today.  More on the emotional roller coaster later...

8/6 - Follistem 225, Cetrotide, Menopur
8/7 - Menopur
Dr Appt: RE reviews my surgery report from 2009 on what is the deal with my left ovary.  My small intestine is wrapped around it like a mink stole.  It is too risky to try and retrieve from that side and could most likely end in a perforated bowel.  I like my bowels the way they are thank you!  Again, the RE says cancel.  With only 2 follies on the right side, we don't have enough to continue with IVF.  After a moment, he says how about we convert to IUI since you do have the two nice on the right?  It might work, why not.

8/8 - HCG Trigger
8/9 - IUI
By the way, the IF problems are allllll me.  My husband has super sperm and has started to refer to himself as "Testicules" like Hercules but, yeah you get the drift... Yes, his lab report from the IUI is hanging on the fridge displayed like a proud report card.

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