Wednesday, August 13, 2014

6 weeks and counting!

Still preggo! Still going!

We had our first sonogram on Monday at 5w5d to see how many buns are in the oven.  Only one - whew!!
DH was disappointed because he wanted twins.  Having twins would be cool, but a twin pregnancy terrifies me.   

I go back in 2 weeks for another sono where we will get to see the heart beat.

How many of you that have had losses in your past and THEN dealt with infertility had anxiety about telling people?  I have this monster anxiety about telling my mom.  Mostly because she is nosy, has not regards to my privacy, can't keep a story straight and has a blabber mouth.  I have anxiety about keeping it from her, but I know if I told her now then I would have anxiety about her running her mouth all over town.  We live in a small town with only about 5,000.  The last thing I want right now is to end up on her church's prayer list AKA gossip express.

Still not sure what to do on that front...  Guess we shall see what happens!

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